Monday, September 20, 2010

First Post :)

Fall. The best season of the year for food, comfort, and beautiful scenery. What I like about this simple season is that it has some of the best food to be found and bought locally and seasonally. Hardy and warm, fall foods bring out the taste buds in everyone. Some would argue, (even I sometimes) that you can find good food in every season. This is true, but nothing in comparison to fall; think about it. You don’t have to go to the “food capitals” of the world to find food that warms your insides like autumn delicacies do…you just have to look in the right place; your local market. And it’s the easiest time to eat what’s in season. Fall is fresh, fun and loving. Fall is delicious.

So I’m going to try this. Eating my way through fall with as much seasonal foods and crops as possible. This idea came to me when driving through the rural parts of Ithaca, New York. How beautiful fall is and makes me feel. This may seam precocious and selfish and maybe it is, but I want to share this idea. (Even though it has been studied already) I will put my own spin on it.

So I will do this experiment and blog about it. Post pictures, links, recipes and my daily thoughts on this process. My hopes; people will start to take this very easy challenge and do what can help our planet a tiny, tiny step at a time. But I have an idea of what it will also bring to people, good health and yummy eats. J

This project will depend a lot on my wonderful mother for the food buying and her knowledge on the subject when I’m stuck. (So I will be crediting her very much)

Try something new this season!

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