Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Sauce

Ok, so I got a bag of mealy Empire apples. They sat for a week and no one really ate them. So our fruit drawer in the fridge was getting full. With the bad Empires and older apples as well. So what better time for APPLE SAUCE!!!

Cut into cubes/bite size pieces. This is rugged, no need for perfection. Peel some of them, leave the skin on the others. This will use about 12 apples for a nice big batch that will last for about a week. But use how every many "going-bad" apples are in your kitchen.

Add them to the pot with 1 cup Apple Cider, 1 cup water and cinnamon to your liking. (Only use however much juice/liquid you want for the number of apples you are using) BUT-- Be careful how much liquid you use because the apples will get juicy in the pot when they are cooking. And, then you will end up having to drain the sauce. Messy.

Here is my final product. It doesn't look too appetizing and I tried to get an appealing picture, but for some reason out of all the ones I took, this was the best one. Hopefully you are not turned off because this is a great way to get rid of bruised and neglected apples. (sob, sob) Soooo, take it from me, anything to help clean the kitchen, will taste good. ;)

And, just because the mood was right, hot apple cider to go with my apple sauce.
(Lots of appley-goodness right there!) Totally fall inspired.


  1. I've never made my own apple sauce- this looks great!

  2. so cozy! Now if only that served that exact dish at the barnes and noble cafe, hehe.

  3. This does look like a wonderful dish -- going to round up my apples when I come home and make some. Although, sometimes I "recycle" my apples by placing them out in a special place for the deer!

  4. Just wanted to let you know you won my Ghiradelli Giveaway! Please send your mailing address to me at - thanks!

  5. yum! I wish I would have made applesauce this year. I am really regretting it now.


    ps I am a new follower


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